Friday, January 25, 2008

notes. just erased 7,000 MP3s from iTunes: yay; about fucking time; my hard drive loves me again. (transferred everything to EHD first, of course, like the bet-hedging pussy I am.) The-Dream ft. Rihanna's "Livin' a Lie": first great single of 2008, never mind its being released two weeks before 2007 ended or the fact that it isn't a single. it will be. it better be. eating less than I used to by habit plus design, a development I'm very happy about. (consciously ordering less does wonders; I've overeaten to prove I could really afford to as much as anything.) figured out on telephone today that time management is a lot easier when you're, you know, not doing lots of drugs. the fact that this hit me with any degree of force whatsoever = I have no business being this dim. mean people don't suck; transparently bitter ones do, especially when they don't have a leg to stand on in their choice of insults. this structure revealed itself to me, which I'm adding here so it too can stare me down: it used to take me 35 minutes to walk to junior high no matter how fast or slow I walked. except I wasn't supposed to walk to junior high. fill in rest later.