Friday, June 10, 2005

Let me amend that last post a bit, just to be extra-gushy overcareful: These are opinions, and they bear no relation to the persons who disagree w/them (most of the time, anyway). I'm still embarrassed at my response to something I read a few days ago that a friend wrote; it wasn't meant maliciously, but for various reasons (the context chiefly among them) I took it really badly, and I ended up just rehashing that feeling rather than trying to explain it clearly. It made me look stupid--not to a lot of people, maybe, but scale isn't the point here. I'm happy to look stupid when it's something that can't be helped--being ignorant about French wine or television programs or where that damn promo went--but there are times when I take my line of work way too personally, and it isn't good for anyone. But most of the time I'm trying to have fun with this thing and hope others are too.