Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hopper wants beef, so beef she shall have. (Not real beef, obv., but you knew that.) "Kiss" is easily Prince's best single--the most replayable, the most fun, the slinkiest and most elastic, the most perfect in a whole bunch of ways. That's why I nominated it, and I'll assume that's why Dylan went with it. The last time I checked, "the talking parts of 'Dorothy Parker'" and "the bass-hit of the first 2 seconds of 'I Would Die 4 U'" aren't complete records, and therefore weren't available for nomination, especially when you consider that "Kiss" is like those moments stretched out to three-and-a-half minutes. (There are lots of others, including those, but this is my favorite.) I am moving between trying to figure out which cliches the song contains that JH refers to and snickering at the assertion that it contains any that actually signify as cliches. As for "equivocating and unexplicit," someone must've forgotten to send me the rule-list disqualifying subtlety from the running. Damn you, Hicks! My sympathies for the amount of time Hopper has apparently spent around drunk-ass bride-sisters, though.

The other 49 "MN best" are readable here. I don't agree with them all, either, of course (JH is so so so right about 12 Rods and "Toolmaster of Brainerd"), but arguments are fun when they're not enervating, and for me this is much more the the former than the latter. And I'm eager to hear them all, if I can track them down. (The non-live cuts, at least.)