Sunday, May 08, 2005

These are my URL ABCs:

· A is for - they recently redesigned
· B is for - after Christgau and Rod Smith, the greatest influence on how I do my job
· C is for - St. Paul’s finest
· D is for - I hear he’s really tall
· E is for - I owe this guy more than I have room for here
· F is for - for changing the way I think about nearly everything
· G is for - what to raid first, his MP3 library or his mind?
· H is for - sanity prevails. he’s also a stellar houseguest
· I is for - long live the big-type Q&A
· J is for - I really need to give Andy B a call
· K is for - howdy, neighbor
· L is for – my second-favorite songwriter
· M is for - update, motherfucker!
· N is for - I really need to listen to Special Gunpowder, I only played (and liked) half of it once
· O is for - that recent R&B back-and-forth w/Paul Cox was spot on
· P is for - funny and wise, sometimes both at once, plus I consistently learn tons about Asian-American stuff I previously had no idea about (go white man’s privilege go)
· Q is for - thanks again for ’62, ’67, and ’73!
· R is for - wotta resource. wotta pen
· S is for - I always have to stop myself from emailing him suggestions he doesn’t need
· T is for - does anyone rock harder than Geeta? not really. koritfw!
· U is for - still the best line editor I’ve ever worked with
· V is for - why do I still wanna work there when I grow up?
· W is for - the other side of the table
· X is for - currency exchange finder, very useful for ordering off foreign sales sites
· Y is for - my ex-roommate
· Z is for - spell it out. the person I’ve learned the most from, bar none, about words, life, and other stuff

I should note that I didn't do this the way Defective Yeti said to, but hey.