Monday, November 09, 2009

I'm late with this--I'll be late with everything for a good while; keeping up is more impossible than ever lately, which is fine with me--but I want to mention d√Čbruit's FACT Mix 90, from October 9. Eclectic DJ mixes are a dime a dozen, even when they work, so believe me when I say that this one has a beguiling, strange, intuitive internal logic all its own. The site's intro hypes him as a "Parisian synth-funk futurist," and there's plenty of recent stuff that fits that broad template, but it makes him sound more limited than he actually is. Kurtis Blow and Dorian Concept and Konono No. 1 and Dilla and Yo La Tengo and Jeru and Dam-Funk and Wu-Tang bump hips and spill drinks on one another and slap each other on the back and go home with smiles on their faces. FACT mixes are only up, they say, for three weeks, but I just checked and the link still works. If it doesn't, Google it. You won't be sorry.