Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I started playing, against my own better judgement, the new Esthero, Wikked Lil' Grrrls (the title alone . . . ). It opens with (cough) "We R in Need of a Musical ReVoLuTIoN," which opens by dissing Ashanti and then getting histrionic about "getting sick and tired of the shit on the radio" and ranting about how "all I see is Britney on the video" (when did she write this, 2002?) over the post-Avril version of the shitty trip-hop Esthero started out making, meaning the drums are "rock" rather than "downtempo." From the spelling to the sentiment (charges of soullessness toward the big, bad mainstream tend to hold more weight when they're not being lobbed by someone so plainly desperate to join that mainstream--nice Autotuner on the vocal, btw), my shut up shut up shut up button has seldom been pushed this hard. Maybe I don't want to find out how bad the rest is.