Tuesday, August 28, 2007

As I've written about here before, I've been renting a lot from Scarecrow Video, all kinds of stuff, roaming through movie history in dabbler fashion and really enjoying it. Not all movies, either: some TV stuff, including a few days ago a recent PBS documentary about the Jonestown massacre, which was pretty horrifying, and as TV, well made. Oddly coincidental to see Angela Gunn post about this list of Top 10 Incredible Recordings literally two days after watching that DVD; the list includes the last 30 minutes of Jonestown. All of the Top 10 includes MP3s you can right-click download, and for completism's purposes I'll have this in my archive, but especially having heard chunks of it during that documentary I don't think I'll ever need to listen. On the other hand, and in a lot lighter a vein, there is Florence Foster Jenkins, whom I've wanted to hear since I was in second grade, thanks to The Book of Lists. Er, wow.