Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just got an email about Jesus & Mary Chain's "reunion." Wait--this is the same band that ended its long-exhausted lifespan less than a decade ago because people stopped caring (for good reason too--one of the most overrated bands in history, Psychocandy is scintillating on paper and dull as shit to listen to, just like England likes its rock bands, and it was downhill from there) and suddenly they're, what, legends or whatever-the-fuck? What's the catch this time, they're only going to play songs from the first two albums and employ the same hairdresser as they did in '85? I can just imagine the kinds of cheers that will greet the inevitable Hope Sandoval guest spot during the dust-fest encore. "That album didn't suck or anything!" the crowd will convince itself. "None of them did!" Because, you know, that whole nobody-gives-a-shit-anymore thing was a mass delusion.