Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey, music people. I realize this will seem abrupt and apropos of nothing, and it is, but bear with me anyway. You know how you like to say things like, "Only a moron/asshole/random insult could hate [record/artist X]"? Please don't. It just makes you look some sad combination of misinformed, bubble-headed, and stupid. Believe me, somebody somewhere doesn't like the music you like, and they're probably armed with an argument about why. The veracity or persuasiveness of the argument isn't important, really; the fact that it's there does. It's especially embarrassing when indie-diehard people do it, because there is a line between kidding yourself and shooting your own brains out of a cannon, never to be found again, and "Only a [whatever] could possibly dislike [genre/band/album/song]" falls firmly in the latter category. This is true even when the artist/album in question has been named the greatest of all time by your bestest, favoritest magazine. Please, make it easy on yourself and others. Thanks.