Sunday, August 15, 2004

Here is my new rule: Every good band should play their shows at Pier 62/63 in Seattle. The stage is huge, the sunset is to the far right (stage left) and the city skyline is to the left (stage right). It's glorious and there are plenty of chairs, though not enough for my party of four tonight; only during David Byrne's second song were we seated, and then only because someone working the grounds made us find spots to sit, helpfully telling a couple people to take their bags off the bench and scoot over so we could all fit. How was Byrne? Terrific: at least 45% T. Heads numbers, which surprised me on one level but didn't on a larger one--he's never shied away from talking about the band that made him famous, and why should he be as long as he gets some licks in about his new solo work, whatever that happens to be? I'm not an especially large fan of his solo albums myself but their representatives at the show tonite did him just fine. Two encores, first good, second amazing because it was first "Heaven" alone w/acoustic, heartstopping (he could stop hearts with that one if he were a fucking robot, it's such a breathtaking song), then "Lazy" w/full band, including Tosca Strings, who accompanied much of the main set. "Lazy" to me stands up with anything from the Heads catalogue, damn near, so having it close the show was fantastic since it's not really beholden to anyone's past, including his. And did I mention that he did this all at Pier 62/63, where every good band should play their shows in Seattle? They should have that deep blood red lighting on the rear curtain, too.