Sunday, June 27, 2004

Nothing like ripping off another blog's appropriated meme to kickstart an ailing one of yr own, no? This one's from Kitty Power.

Act your age? Soemtimes a little too much. I certainly look more my age now that I've bleached my hair and kept a mustache/soul patch--or at least I think so.
Born on what day of the week? Tuesday, 18 February 1975
Chore you hate? Cleaning/organizing damn near anything
Dad’s name? Nick
Essential makeup item? Lipstick. NOT LIPLINER.
Favorite actor? Right now, probably George Clooney, though it should be noted I don't pay much attention to actors generally. (Nothing personal.)
Gold or silver? Both
Hometown? Minneapolis, Minnesota
Instruments you play? I used to think I could play rhythm guitar.
Job title? music editor
Kids? no
Living arrangements? basement unit of three-story house w/roommate
Mom’s name? Lorie
Need? the usual
Overnight hospital stays? never!
Phobias? driving
Quote you like? "The other thing that interests me about the Eagles is that I hate them."
Religious affiliation? few
Siblings? Two sisters aged 17 (Brittany) and 18 (Alex), the latter of whom is visiting me in August. We're both excited.
Time you wake up? I try to be up between 9 and 10 but it's usually a little later.
Unique talent? I apparently have a very good telephone voice.
Vegetable you refuse to eat? none I can think of offhand.
Worst habit? passive aggression
X-rays you’ve had? the most recent was for the Kid(ney stone).
Yummy food you make? nachos
Zodiac Sign? Aquarius, goddamn it.