Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Another edition of the One Piece column--like last time, I pick good songs off useless albums, in this case a pair of reissues. (There'd be more, but it was only a sidebar.) I'm going to be writing the column more frequently over the summer--it's gonna be roundups of various things, and there will be occasional guest columns as well, which should keep things lively (and get more music reviewed in the section as well). Good section overall--check out Nate Patrin moiderizing the new Beasties (by 1 p.m. we'd already gotten one letter to the editor: "The Beasties' latest effort is far from faultless, but, pleeeease, it's still a funky, funky collection in a rap world that often completely misses the funky train." Yes, and all mainstream rap is bling-bling blah blah zzzzzz), and Dave Queen on Rhino's new Fleetwood Mac Reissues.