Friday, January 29, 2010

The RA '00s lists (Albums, Mixes, Tracks) are up now; I contributed blurbs to each (No. 71 album, No. 21 and 3 mixes, No. 17 track). There's quite a bit on all three lists that I don't know, but a lot of what I do know I like a lot. In many cases (especially albums), I'd presumed some sort of greyness about many of those I haven't heard, or else had heard one and wasn't hooked. I'll be revisiting everything I can, as I can--maybe I'll make it a project.

RA had impressed me as a reader before Todd Burns tapped me for reviews. It intelligently reckons with music that is too often left to the "don't think--feel" school. (They have a point, but the other is better.) I've grown to like a lot of the contributors--Ryan Keeling, St├ęphane Girard, Finn Johansen, and Richard Carnes I peel an eye for, of names I hadn't already known--and I like Todd's seriousness and quizzical eye. I'm really glad to have been part of these lists.