Monday, June 29, 2009

OK, I will say one other thing about Michael Jackson. (I suspect I'll say many other things about him. Bear with me.) It's this: will Sony please take this sad opportunity to correct the packaging of Off the Wall? I have the special edition from 2001, and it sounds great, but the subbing in of photos from a later photo session, circa Thriller, for whatever reason--because he thought he was "ugly" in the pix, because they're kind of fuzzy and off-center (but it's called Off the Wall!), because he was such a freakish perfectionist he could never stop rewriting his own history--has always been a particularly bad call. There must be a lot of people who've come to think those photos are the actual ones that sold 7 mil the first time around. But they aren't, and the public has the right to know.

Not that Sony isn't scrambling this second to reconfigure that catalog, I'm sure. Just saying.