Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm cynical about the Oscar news. It isn't just that they can't even find five good movies to nominate in a year; it's that what gets in seems so preordained, one of Type A, one of Type B, etc., that it seems to me they wouldn't be bringing in the Wall-Es so much as piling on the Crashes. Plus it's a totally naked attempt to boost box office and/or DVD sales for double the movies per year--understandable in this climate, but not a good sign. (Would Movie Theater Day work as well as Record Store Day seems to be? I was cynical about RSD when I first heard of it too, but everyone I know in retail regards it as a savior--I'm glad something is.) Anyway, it'll be certainly be interesting to see how 10 Best Picture noms shakes out. It happened for a few years in the late '30s and early '40s--I'm not a golden ager regarding movies, but that was a good time for them. Maybe it'll spur more studios and filmmakers to aim higher since the tent is wider--and maybe it'll result in a whole bunch of Crashes.