Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I quit MySpace yesterday, long after its usefulness had exhausted itself. If a disused blog has comments boxes, they fill up with spam, and something similar has been happening with MySpace in the past couple years, only instead of being subject to random bugs and plants, the ever-more-desperate attempts to keep up with Facebook and Twitter have polluted the thing with visual noise--like a city block going to seed, strewn with graffiti and random junk, all of which make the thing more difficult to navigate. And no one did it to them but themselves.

Recently a friend expressed surprise that people would abandon Facebook if it starts charging to use it; she figures it's so central she's happy to pony up. I agreed at the time, but I'm not so sure now. I don't think my life will end if I don't spend my late nights trying to play Scrabble rip-off games with strangers. (Which I haven't done in about a month, actually. I'm down to one game, with my friend Jessi.) Or rather, it's bad enough I'm doing this totally silly, useless shit for free--I should pay for it now? Anyway, I abandoned Friendster a lot quicker than I did MySpace, mostly because my early correspondence with Angela was conducted via MySpace. That's all on a Word document now.