Thursday, October 30, 2008

I wish there were much to report. Visiting New York the other week was very helpful, both in fixing in my mind where we will probably live (Queens, probably around Woodside) and how it will go (financially, who knows, but in terms of the wheres and whats, it should be fine). Most of the trip was spent with Angela, as it should have been. Much of the time I'm able to put out of mind how much I miss A, but it's very different actually being with her--a lot of that sort of ambient longing hit me at once during one evening, and it was fine, if inconvenient. The rest was nice, too, especially the late meals I used to unwind. New York keeps me awake even longer than normal. One of them inspired this piece, though that wasn't my favorite. My favorite, as always, was at Sarge's: cole slaw and pickles, chicken matzoh ball soup, No. 3 comination sandwich, pastrami and corned beef on rye with Russian dressing and slaw, chocolate pudding for dessert, Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray. This is, I think, my deathbed meal.

I've gotten so in the habit of working on my laptop and killing downtime playing Wordscraper with one of the board set-ups I've made that I forget to turn everything off and just read. But I've got a couple book reviews due so that helps remind me. I'm enjoying them, too, which is a relief, since little goes by slower than reading a book you don't really like but have to finish because you're writing about it. I will probably start pitching a few of those soon as well.