Thursday, September 14, 2006

So as you may have heard, Gawker started a new music blog today, Idolater. That's not news in itself, though it's only been announced for a couple hours as I type--every other blog on the block seems to have jumped on it--and I know the Idolaters, Maura Johnston and Brian Raftery (know her well--I work with her fiancee, Joe Keyes--know Brian less, like both). One of the announcements, Gothamist's, is really kind of lamely catty, though: "According to editor Maura's Myspace page, she is currently listening to Andrew WK and Annie." Heavens, no!

Actually, the Gothamist snipe, if that's what you'd call it, reminds me of something Tom Ewing wrote ages ago about Andrew W.K. It sort of ties in with the anti-rockist thing I mention below; in fact, it's probably my favorite piece of anti-rockist propaganda, especially given how much it takes that stance for granted and is really, really funny. May it haunt the dreams of anti-anti-rockists for years to come.