Monday, July 11, 2005

Douglas made me do it:

What is the oldest article of clothing still in active use in your wardrobe?
I think the dark blue/white-ringer T-shirt that's about a XXXXL that I got about six years ago is still there. It's one of the only things that still fits me from that period. (I got fat, jack, when I moved to Seattle in '99--desk job, Thai food, that was the end of it.)

If you were to pass along to a child (offspring, godchild, favorite young person you hope to influence for the better) a lifelong passion for one thing, what would it be?
I basically agree w/DW's answer but I'll be specific: food. Not as in eating exorbitant amounts of it, just that you should enjoy it and be able to taste it for what it is. Reading, too. Music? I'm too close to that as a passion to be very good at convincing people who aren't inclined to agree. The other two seem more neutral (and universal) to me, as subjects.

What's the one website or periodical that you read which nobody would expect you to?
I don't know if there is one, really. I used to cherish an issue of Relix with a long-ass interview with Dick Latvala, the now-deceased keeper of the Grateful Dead vaults, so maybe that one. (It's long gone now, from my collection at least.)

Does there ever come a point when [insert interviewee's occupation] becomes kind of arbitrary to you?
Yeah, constantly. I think I have a really good idea where I'm headed most of the time, and coming up with creative solutions is seldom difficult, but at least once a week I sit down and wonder, What the fuck am I doing this for? [this, btw, was my contribution/question]

What is one album/book/movie you have not heard/read/seen but which you really should to be doing what you do, and how do you work around that?
Most movies, most books. I'm not especially well read, nor do I know that much about film. There's also lots of canonical albums I don't know at all. One example, off top of head: I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight.

What superstitions do you follow or have you made up for yourself?
I try to not be superstitious at all, which doesn't mean I have none. Maybe the old "wait two days to call a woman after you've gotten her number" one.

What happened the first time you danced?
In public, I felt like I was letting something go; it was exhilarating. I'd danced in private, at home, in my room and whatnot, but I was always afraid of letting people see it. I think my aunt Dani made fun of me once for the way I danced ("You look like a spaz" was the approximate quote), but that in itself didn't make me self-conscious. I also realized that I had a pretty damn good sense of rhythm, and a couple moves. I still do, though I dance a lot less than I probably should.

What was the first piece of art (book, song, film, painting, building, etc.) that changed your life? What happened? How do you regard that work now?
The Book of Lists. It set me on the unfortunate course that I follow to this day.

If you could choose to understand one thing in much greater depth than the other, what would it be -- your roots or your current surroundings, and why?
Current surroundings, though I am perpetually fascinated by roots, probably to my detriment.

How do you like your eggs?
Over hard.