Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm thinking a graf a day is a good way to kick this thing back into gear. I've been incredibly busy and not a lot of fun lately--not in an I'm-grumpy way (though maybe I am; hope not, though) so much as a buried-under-work one, as well as a just-finished-moving (something I've been doing fairly piecemeal, though Tuesday I got a big push w/the help of Kate and Liza--you two are the fucking best). The work is sometimes really fun and pretty rewarding, and sometimes it's, well, work. Then there's the matter of Andrew Bonazelli leaving the Weekly, which I mentioned in the live column (last graf), which is great for him (he's going to my favorite hard-rock mag in the U.S. right now as reviews ed) and sucks for us, because he's one of the best and easiest-to-edit writers I know. (I'm headed to his going-away party right after I hit "publish post.") But the apartment is nice, I have to build shelves still which ought to be fun, been hanging out w/some people I need to spend more time with anyway, which is nice. [[Deletion of something I half-thought out when I wrote it and that really had no business being put here; apologies to all parties for writing it in the first place.]]