Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hadda point out that Jace Clayton is now calling grime "postrave british eskimo thug music," which is clearly the greatest name for anything in the history of humankind, even if it isn't quite as catchy or short as "grime" itself. Subject for further research: to begin calling '91-3 U.K. rave "post-acidhouse british midlands losing-their-mind-as-the-E-goes-bad music" and pre-Run-D.M.C. hip-hop "post-disco-funk new york black/puerto rican boroughs block party post-street gang music with people talking instead of singing over it." (Yep, I've been reading Chang's book, and yep, the shit's miles deep so far--about a quarter of the way through it, just getting into the Sugarhill Gang part.)