Monday, December 06, 2004

I notice that Rex's year-end compendium has my keeping-track sub-blog listed as my "top 100 albums." That's not on purpose--when he linked it last week, it just happened to be at that exact number. So when I updated it the other day, I deleted a few things that had faded with memory or that I plain didn't play very much beyond the first one or two listens (which were enough to put the records into the list to begin with, so . . .), added others, and figured, haha Rex, you're gonna have to eat your characterization! Then I did the number-ranking thing (I copy and paste this stuff to Word while reworking it), and it totaled . . . 100. Well, I know when I'm defeated. So what I've decided now is that 100 is where the list will remain, if it's all the same to you; if I expand it further and have over 100, I'll just list them as "bubbling under" or something below the list proper. Seems fair enough.

I'm going to be expanding the singles to 100 also, btw. Just not yet--most likely when the year-end mixes go up at Seattle Weekly's website. Hint: C700 Go! 2004 will be a lot bigger than C700. More like C2100. Stay tuned.