Friday, July 09, 2004

"Bland harmonizing by guys that could barely swim." "Any backyard garage band could probably have recorded this and done a better job." "Country Rock didn't begin with Gram Parsons, it began with Steve Earle." "Listening through this entire album is like running a marathon, only more tiring." "Something about Dylan just doesn't jive with my inner groove, man." "as with 99% percent of the music any Beatle is involved with, there is no rock n roll on this album." "Mr. Biafra seems to think that corrupting the minds of children through loud music is somehow more noble than property ownership." "Let's critique Bruce and the E. Street band . . . The whole band sounds like Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell." "Nothing repulses me more than Bono's delicate voice." "This is ignorant peons preaching to the equally ignorant masses who swallow any rubish a creature of pigment spews." "Kurt even had a tattoo that comemorated the corporation of K Records. Oddly enough it was owned and managed by Calvin Johnson, the Beat's yuppie singer!" "This is simply music to dress yourself in light blue, buy a golden book of nursery rhymes and then babysit yourself to death with." "I heard them on a Late Show and thought they sounded nice. Obviouslly, they were playing the only song on the cd that has any redeeming qualities." Nate saves you $16.