Monday, May 17, 2004

This is the part of the blog where I steal from Douglas, who stole it from lots of other people I don't know of and therefore cannot link. (I'm going to also steal his wording, partly, and that will be in quotes.) I'd have done this earlier but I was waaay too busy, and may yet be too busy again to do it in a very timely fashion, but here goes anyway: If you are reading this blog between now (Monday evening) and, let's say, Wednesday night, "I'd like you to ask me something. Up to three questions, and anything goes--literally anything you want my answers to. I promise not to take offense at any questions, and to answer every one (either" on the blog "or by private mail) as well and honestly as I can."

I am going to assume, unless you say otherwise, that the questions and the people who ask them are available for me to post on this blog. If you'd prefer not to have either the questions, your name/handle (just tell me what you prefer), or both posted here, just say so and I'll honor your request. Unlike Douglas and lots of other fine bloggers, I don't have a comments box on mine, though I could probably do something about it if I were so inclined. C'est la vie. Anyway, I don't have a tracker or counter on this thing, either, so I really am in the dark about my readership at times. This could be fun, it could be a pain in the ass, but most of all it's something I'm curious about, and if you're curious about me, let's do it. [Haha that's either the best or worst come-on line ever, isn't it?]