Sunday, May 02, 2004

Are the gods hating on me? This week has been really good in some ways (seeing Chris and Jody, as well as Gareth, who's here till tomorrow [Monday], the afterglow of a very fun EMP Pop Conference, as well as getting lots of incredibly nice feedback on the book), and really crappy in others: Not only did the kidney stone happen (still hasn't come out the other end, so to speak, either--can't *wait* for that, cough cough), but yesterday my recurring toothache recurred again, less painfully than it has in the past but more forcefully in some ways; I'm having trouble chewing on the good (right) side of my mouth. (The toothache is in my left molars.) Not sure if my work insurance covers dental yet; if not, I'll have to sign up for another kind, which wouldn't be a big deal except paperwork of that nature always freaks me out to some degree. (That's one reason I never attended college--I found the paperwork involved incredibly daunting. That and the fact that I was lazy, poor, didn't do that well in school till junior and senior years, and I found a kind of perverse pride in not attending.) Wish me luck.