Monday, April 05, 2004

Is it gauche of me to plug my book on this here site? I know it's my own handcrafted personalized webber blog and all, but still, can't be too careful right now. Well, OK, you/I can, but fuggit, I wrote a book and I'm pretty damn proud of it. (Should I be? Answers to usual spot.) There's nothing quite like opening up the mail and having ten copies of something you made fall out of the envelope. They're so crisp! Needless to say I molested all but one (my own copy) w/my signature and sent/gave them to folks I prize. (One of whom mocked me for it! Wait, make that two! I can take it etc.) And I'll be damned if I didn't actually do the thing I set out to do--write the thing I intended to write. Considering the situation it was written under (briefly: got the deal in February, chose a 1 July deadline, got a job in mid-June, asked for and got an extension till mid-September, packed + moved all the way 'cross country, overhauled music section, discovered Music Awards entailed a LOT more work than I'd been made aware of, wrote cover story on Bumbershoot, kept freelancing the whole freakin' time, and then wrote 28k words in two weeks' worth of evenings and weekends after working full days) I figure that's pretty good. I'll try not to mention this anymore, since gaucheness is so unbecoming, daaaahling, but yeah, I'm proud.